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Bright Rockets Screensaver

You can see a number of flare-colored missiles as they rush up leaving a long "tail" on a dark background
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6 May 2014

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In times of celebration and festive occasions rockets-fire displays are the obligatory things that adds up to the total color and lights up each and everyone’s eyes. Take it the New Year’s Eve, or opening or closing ceremonies of any musical or sporting event or the Indian festival - Diwali, Rocket fire crackers are the indispensable elements. Other than that in army signaling rockets are another substance which are the things to be watched at. Now if you are too much excited by this glittering display of lights that burst high up in the sky then on way you can satisfy yourself is using Bright Rockets Screensaver 3.0. And trust me this screensaver application is amongst the coolest screen saver I have ever come across.

Bright Rockets Screensaver 3.0 is a light sized screensaver which gets installed effectively. Plus entire screensaver is free to use. Upon installing it on your computer, you will be able to see dazzling rockets shooting up in the sky leaving behind a blissful display and a smoky tail. One after the another you can observe endless amount of rockets moving up in the sky in this application. Rockets that you can see are of different colors that are blue, yellow, red, purple and many others. Entire collection of the colorful rocket and the black background makes the entire screensaver truly unique and eye pleasing. If you are not much keen on it then still you can upload this screensaver on your computer and show your kids the bright and colorful world of rockets.

Hence Bright Rockets Screensaver 3.0 is a great way to enjoy the glare of rockets that are not just pleasing to look at but also equally pollution free. After wining our heart this screensaver pumps our mind and earns a reputation of four stars.

Publisher's description

Bright Rockets Screensaver is a bright and charming screensaver for your PC. You can see a number of flare-colored missiles as they rush up leaving a long "tail" on a dark background. Then the new missiles are flying and so it goes on forever. To understand it better, just download rockets screensaver and install it for free. It will take just a couple of seconds!
Bright Rockets Screensaver
Bright Rockets Screensaver
Version 4.0
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